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Sugar Cherry blossoms

Sugar cherry blossom

-- Christine from


-- Analaria1


-- Il Giardino delle Torte (di Silvia Costanzo), Palermo, Italy,

Perfection, such a delicate flower :)

-- Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

Absolutely brilliant – you can practically smell the perfume! WOW

Do you know that when I saw this on facebook I thought “she must be showing us some flowers from her garden”. It took reading the comment to realize that they were not real. I’ll tell you if you ever write a book on how you do your flowers, I will definitely purchase it!


-- art deco cakes by gali

Thank you so much! I loved making these flowers. Goreti I have a cherry tree in my garden and I’ve been waiting for it to come into bloom so that I could copy it. Every time I thought I could get a peice the wind blew the flowers off. I’ve finally managed to capture it !! Im so pleased you all like these!

-- Christine from

Stunning Christine! :) x

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

Stunning, when are you coming to teach me xxxxxxxx PLEASE… MY god you are amazing

-- Robin

This is the most impressive thing I have ever seen in sugar. I have always loved blossoms and have seen many people make them but not like this! They look so real and perfect. I want to teleport over so you can show me how you did this! Your amazing my dear friend!