I'm Silvia; my work is researcher at the Faculty of Engineering of Palermo but my passion is another ... the Cake Design!
The passion for drawing and art in general has accompanied me since I was very small and as a child I was a big gluttonous of desserts.
About 10 years ago a sister of mine gave me a book on the little known in Italy world of Cake Design. It was a lightning: I started to make cakes decorated with the sugar paste for my twins and my family in general, using my manual skills and my imagination.
Gradually I came to know of other techniques (flowers in gum paste, pastillage, etc..) and it has become a way for me to be able to give each cake a character aimed at the person to whom it was dedicated.
Now, after many years, the books on the subject have multiplied and my abilities ... I think also!
I decided to spend more time to my passion and therefore I activated my own profile and my page on facebook: "Il Giardino delle Torte (di Silvia Costanzo)". I hope you like it!
(sorry for my english...)


Your work is beautiful!! :)

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Your works are wonderful!!!! You are bravissimo!!!!!

Il Giardino delle Torte (di Silvia Costanzo), Palermo, Italy,

Bella! Mi piace! :)

Hope I got that right! “Beautiful! I love it!”

Pauline Bakes The Cake!

Thank you Pauline!

Il Giardino delle Torte (di Silvia Costanzo), Palermo, Italy,

Your work is spectacular….new follower :) xo

Enchanting Merchant Co

Many thanks, Melanie!

Il Giardino delle Torte (di Silvia Costanzo), Palermo, Italy,

Fantastic work, I’m happy to be following you :)

Cake A Chance On Belinda

:) thank you for you msg :) your work is fab :))x

Wallace x

Your work is beautiful, I am following so that I don’t miss any :) xxx

Sensational Sugar Art by Sarah Lou

Ciao Silvia le tue torte sono uno spettacolo, ti seguo anch’io subito! :)