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African Girl

My second realistic face. And this is the first time that I paint the cake. It’s a very simple drawing but I love the effect

Thanks Goreti :D

oh my … she is absolutely beautiful!!! your modelling is incredible!! well done on an amazing cake!!!! I am from all over African so this has a huge appeal for me xxx

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She’s Absolutely Gorgeous!!! Beautifully done!!! xxx

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she is lovely. So innocent looking (especially the eyes)

-- Sasi, Sydney Australia,,

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

-- Radhika, Singapore,

oh my goodness. this is beautiful. truly beautiful xx

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Thanks so much everyone. I’m very happy that you like her ___

Very nicely made! I would love to try something like this!

-- K@rEn --

Thanks dutchcakes :D
Grazie Barbara ___