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Yellow Ombre Cake

A bright and cheery little cake to remind me that spring really will come this year! All of the decorations are modelling chocolate. The brackets around the bottom tier were individually hand-cut and place on the cake in panels using Jessica Harris’ wax paper transfer method. I love how it all came together! Thanks for looking!

-- - Kristen,

Gorgeous. I love the cheery yellow!

-- Heather, (

Love it!

-- Ana from SPAIN

What a lovely cake!

wow!!! I really LOVE this Cake!!!! I love yellow!!!! Beautiful!!!! xxx

-- CUPCAKES & DREAMS My facebook:

Thank you, everyone!

-- - Kristen,

Kristen, your cake is just fabulous! Love everything about it from the color to the design! I did purchase Jessica’s Craftsy class but did not get the chance to view it yet :-(
After seeing your cake, I am going to make time to view it ASAP!!!

-- Dina @ miettes,

Wow. I’m blown away by the fabulous design of this cake! Totally awesome!

-- Roos Simbula, Maarssen, The Netherlands

Thank you!! Dina, I think you will like the class. Lots of great tips!

-- - Kristen,

Where can I find the Jessica Harris wax paper transfer info/video??

-- Jessica, The Sweet South

Hi Jessica,

Jessica talks about her method on her blog, She also has a class on where she shows you how to do it in more detail. The class is Clean & Siimple Cake Design. I highly recommend it!

-- - Kristen,