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Pure Indulgence. Sugar flowers

Pure indulgence. Sugar roses, , Sugar ranunculus and sugar bryony leaves.

-- Christine from

Perfection. Stunning. Gorgeous.amazing. brilliant. phenomenal .

-- Robin

I just love them!!!!!

Christine! you are truly amazing! You create the most beautiful sugar flowers I have ever seen! Truly breathtaking!


These are so incredibly beautiful – love them, and really admire your talent!

-- Helenna at


-- Helen Nelson

Perfection !

-- Wanda-Bee

Very beautiful!!

-- Il Giardino delle Torte (di Silvia Costanzo), Palermo, Italy,

congrats mum on your top three place. Your awesome xxxx

-- Robin

the most lifelike sugar flowers ive ever seen – amazing!

-- Natalie from

very pretty they look real