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Naked Cake

Naked cake, great for vintage, rustic themed wedding

-- Floriana www.letthemeatcakesuk.com

It is stunning!

I have been asked to make something similar for a wedding. Please could you tell me what buttercream you used? Did you fill it with fresh fruit and jam too? I am planning to do a madeira sponge with maybe swiss meringue buttercream or preferably cream cheese icing made from cream cheese, double cream and sugar, with added fresh raspberries but I am worried how it will taste once it has been standing for several hours.

-- Mummypuddleduck.blogspot.co.uk

Thanks MummyPD. I used regular buttercream and raspberry preserve. Baked the day before, introduced extra liquid into mixture, torted and kept in large tupperware until the point of stacking to ensure it kept fresh.

-- Floriana www.letthemeatcakesuk.com

looks delicious!

I hope you don’t mind me asking a couple of questions too, as I posted a question on naked cakes a couple of weeks ago?

Did you bake each tier as one sponge and then torte in to 3 layers?

what did you use to secure your fruit to the cake?

Fabulous job, I hope mine turns out as well! :-)

-- Scrummy Mummy's Cakes, Almondsbury, http://www.facebook.com/scrummymummys