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Tangled Cupcake Tower

Tangled cupcakes. Flynn, Maximus, and Rapunzel are handpainted. Tower is a sugar cone decorated in fondant. Toppers included frying pans, lanterns, art palettes, braids, enchanted flowers, tiaras, and combs.


tangled rapunzel flynn rider maximus tower cupcake


Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Peggy, these cupcakes are adorable!!! The handpainted Flynn, Maximus, and Rapunzel are awsome!

designed by mani

gorgeous…love the hand painted characters..

Peggy Does Cake

Thanks ladies. xxx

Megan Cazarez

love it!!!

Laura Jabri

wow love the handpainting !!!!!!!!

Lesley Wright

Beautiful beautifulness as always, Peggers. The coordinating ribbon really finishes everything off perfectly. <3

Benni Rienzo Radic

These are fabulous! Love that Max the horse!

Nancy's Cakes and Beyond

Oh how did I miss your posting on these!! Love them and love that purple!!

Cockney Wankah

noice cake me dahlin!

Peggy Does Cake

Haha omg @ cockney wankah. Shameless!! (To the rest of you, thank you!!)

iriene wang

wowww….so awesome…!!


OMG, you’re an awesome artist. Love your work.

Tiffany Palmer

Wonderful job! You got Maximus spot on.

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Tangled Cupcake Tower