Passion of cakes by Le Delizie di Amerilde - Cake by Luciana Amerilde Di Pierro
Buttercream Gerbera - Cake by Ashwini Tupe
Belles Coffee & Gifts - Cake by Lynette Horner
Alice - Cake by Kek Couture
Coffee  - Cake by mona ghobara/Bonboni Cake
Coffee birthday cake  - Cake by Layla A
Lady in a cup 2 - Cake by Couture cakes by Olga
Coca-Cola Cake - Cake by Jessica
Elf Fondant Cupcaake Toppers - Cake by Sachiko Windbiel
Teapot & Teddies Silver Award - Cake by Carol
Molang - Cake by Astried
Tea Party Birthday Cake - Cake by Janette MacPherson Cake Craft
Tea cup and cream jug, hand painted cake - Cake by Olga Danilova
Sewing box  - Cake by Topping Queen by Diana Adler
Gingerbread Man in a Hot Chocolate Cup  - Cake by Crumb Avenue
Costa Coffee Cup Novelty Cake - Cake by Ceri Badham
Cup of tea and a good book - Cake by Fantail Cakes
tea time - Cake by mona ghobara/Bonboni Cake
Starbucks Coffee Cup Cake - Cake by Rachel Manning Cakes
Cupcakes  - Cake by Yasmin Amr
Cute Rabbit - Cake by La Caja Creativa
Bulldog Cupcakes - Cake by Shereen
Red Solo Cup! - Cake by Jennifer Watson
Teacup & Crossword Cake - Cake by Janine Lister