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Love birds under a tree

inspired by some paper I saw in a craft shop – I decided to make this cake, the flower on top looked wrong directly on the cake hence the ‘tree’ idea ha

-- www.facebook/thelemontreebakeryuk

Wow I love it! Very good idea for the flower ‘tree’ :)

-- Kerry,

Thank you – funny what comes to you when it all goes wrong lol

-- www.facebook/thelemontreebakeryuk

Very pretty! Love the tree, the birds, the bows… Love the red, white and black colors!!!

-- Dina @ miettes,

Oh thank you so much it was the colours that I first saw and liked

-- www.facebook/thelemontreebakeryuk

This is absolutely gorgeous! Sometimes things that don’t work out as you planned, turn out better in the end! Love the flower tree idea!

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,

Yes I originally planned on doing a fondant figure on top and that went wrong too lol wasn’t meant to be

-- www.facebook/thelemontreebakeryuk

Gorgeous and loving the design! x

Vibrant beautiful colours!