Lilac ad Ivory Soft Romance

Oh boy where do i start with this cake. This cake certainly turned out to be my drama Queen cake of the week.

It looked totally stunning but I was devasted!!. One of the tiers moved somehow in the car and squished the very bottom of the fondant causing a bulge :(. The cake was so freshly baked, I had to re bake (that’s a whole story on it’s own) that the ganache hadn’t set up underneath the fondant the best it could have but time was totally against me having 4 cakes this weekend. I have learnt a huge lesson from it. A HUGE lesson!!!. No one could actually tell, well I dont think they could :-) but I left the venue so upset. I took the photo with the cake leaning because I got myself so worked up that I thought the cake was just going to fall over and land on the floor!!! It didn’t just to let you know haha

_Oh and also just a tip. _

This cake was sitting in front of a god awful brown faux wood partition wall and the photos I took were horrid but we always have a white drop sheet in the car that my husband can hold up behind the cake for a photo. That way if the cake is sitting at the venue and the background just happens to be Ugly or the toliet sign lol (that has happened) you have a quick fix.

-- Tina, Australia, http://www.facebook.com/SweetTandCake

wedding purple ivory lilac roses lace romantic soft cake chcolate marble caramel white chocolate and raspberry fondant


Michal Bulla


Sonia Parente


The Cake Tin

This looks stunning.


Thank you Michal, SosiP and Sarah xx

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

It looks absolutely gorgeous! You are amazing to do four cakes in one weekend! That is a great tip about using a sheet for a backdrop!


Thank Toni!! xx


What a stunning cake!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Absolutly BEAUTIFUL Tina!!! Great job!!! xxx

Peggy Does Cake

Holy Lord, this is GORGEOUS!!! <3

Peggy Does Cake

Tina, the problems you had with your cake moving in the car – this is exactly why I use “stress free supports” to stack and support my cakes. You could stack cheesecakes or gelatin or using these things. I’ve heard people say certain cakes are too soft or unstable to stack – but you can literally stack anything with them – even carrot cake. They are the single greatest investment I’ve ever made in decorating. I’ve no stake in the company and am not paid to promote them or anything haha, but if you’re doing big cakes like this, you might consider them. Your cake is AMAZING though, and one would never know it gave you the slightest bit of trouble!

Bliss Pastry

It’s absolutely beautiful!

Tea Party Cakes

Gorgeous! And great tip about the drop cloth, thanks!


Thank you so much everyone.

and Thank you Peggy!!. I do quite a few big cakes so I am definitely going to look into the stress free supports xx.

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Lilac ad Ivory Soft Romance