The Marbel Church North Wales UK

The Marbel Church North Wales UK

Using royal icing and pastillage for the structual work, it was such a challange and stressfull but I loved doing it

This cake took me four weeks to finish, on top of all my other work.

Peter Roberts


crikey… four weeks… would have teakne me four flippin’ months! wow the detail in this and all your work always leaves me pretty speechless. Congratulations! xx

'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela

Wow, that’s amazing! The details are incredible! The customer must have been overjoyed.

Natalie -

Wow! That’s so amazing! I love cakes with royal icing!

Natalia Saini

No way, this is just unbelievably amazing, Peter!!!

Dina @ miettes,

This is amazing. x

pixie, staffordshire

Im speechless- wow – this is art!