Hi all,
I have been cake making for over twenty five years, I started work in a large bakery here in Liverpool UK, working my way up till eventually I became in charge of the wedding cake department but I felt my skills where not used to there advantage so it was ten years down the track I decided to open my own business making cakes and selling sugarcraft equipment.
It was hard work as I still worked full time and my mum ran the shop for me taking orders and running the daily routine till I had finished my day job yes it was hard work as I had to work late into the night then I was up at six in the morning to start my day job, this went on for six years the shop was getting well known and established so I then made the Decision to leave and concentrate full time on my business.

I opened my second shop in the year 2000 hard work I know but I do enjoy it even tho it can be very stressful at times. As you can see by some of the photographs I have downloaded some of challengers have faced over the years just wait till you see the tall wedding cake I made for a traveling family not so long ago I just love a challenge.

I also do commissions for the cake.craft and decoration magazine so keep your eye out for future issues.

Well what's next I hear you ask well I have now wrote a book and its called MAKING A CAKE TO REMEMBER, I never stop ha ha, but I so love it and sharing my skills

Do I have more to come well all I can say is watch this space the world is my oyster hey and remember to like me on face book www.facebook.com/pages/wedding-cakes-liverpool/115000475262317 I just so love hearing from new people I have met so many wonderful guys and gals on here.

Well that it for now I could go on for hours lovely chatting to all you amazing people xxxxxxx

Peter xx


Hi Peter, I am so pleased to see you are putting up all your incredible designs on Cakes Decor… You have such a great gift and as you can see, much enjoyed xxx

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Thank you so much Calli I so enjoy receiving your kind words so thank you so much it means the world to me I am so deeply touched and honoured.
Your work is incredible and so inspiring, there are so many kind people in the cake world that I call my friend and you are one of them xxx

Peter Roberts

Fab cake for the 50th mustang collab, love your cakes….new follower from me x plus you’re from my hometown! Originally from Ormskirk x

Alana Lily Chocolates & Cakes

Thank you so much, not that far xx

Peter Roberts