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Talon's Football Cake

Birthday cake for my precious little nephew, Talon. WASC cake with caramel swiss meringue buttercream filling and icing, covered in fondant. All detail is 100% edible, including goal posts. This was my first ever cake with SMBC icing and I actually got to eat a piece of it. That icing is AMAZING!! Thanks for looking!


football field goal post cake



Love it happy to see you back in action finally!


Perfect super bowl cake once you add the teams!

Lesley Wright

A well-deserved top spot for you! Fabulous cake, Peggy!

Peggy Does Cake

Thanks, it’s just a dumb football field!

Stephanie Dill

There is NOTHING dumb about this cake! Perfectly smooth details, perfectly straight lines, and everything in the right spot come from patience and love for decorating, and in this case, love for your sweet nephew! Well done!!

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Talon's Football Cake