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Playing with Sugar Pink / white Rose'

Had a huge craving to play with icing last night! I needed to use up some of the icing from the Isis Belle Rose But knew I did not have enough pink so thought I could try using a a white too. I’m quite pleased with the result and think next time I might use more than 3 shades. Perhaps experiment with some different colours! I need lots of flowers for a cake in March! No cutters used just the method in my tutorial with a plastic bag :-) Final photo is after dusting was complete





Sarah Russell

I really do love your roses Lisa! xx

Lena Bender

Love your roses.


I think you should be renamed the Sugar Flower Queen of NZ…this is so perfect it looks real

Cupcakes 'n Candy


The Cake Tin

Ditto what Jo said! I love the so so subtle dusting of colour on the very edges of those petals. just beautiful!

Sonia Parente

stupendo! ____

Karen Dodenbier


Lisa Templeton

Thank you all so so much x (Jo and Sarah … Too Kind <3 ) I had so much fun with this. Not entirely over the moon with the center but enjoyed working with the colours! I am looking forward to making another one soon!



Steph Walters

Your roses are beautiful. :o) x

G Sweets

Your flowers are just so realistic, Lisa!!! Congratulations on making it to the Top!!!


Gorgeous, congrats on top 3!!

Unusual cakes for you

Lisa its gorgeous… You make me smile how you praise everyone else’s work and yet yours is nothing but amazing. You are so talented :)

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Jo just took the words out of my mouth…you really are the QUEEN OF SUGAR FLOWERS!!! BEAUTIFUL Lisa!! xxx

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Playing with Sugar Pink / white Rose'