Ruffled flower wedding cake

Helen Ward
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I wanted a really delicate paper thin flower for this cake so have come up with this hybrid ruffle/rose/peony kind of concoction! The bride also wanted pink lace on a white background…my first wedding cake of 2013! The bottom tier is vanilla and raspberry, the top tier is carrot, pecan and orange.

-- Helen Ward, Amelie's Kitchen

Wow, so pretty!!! Love that flower !!!!

-- Dina @ miettes,

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love it!!! That flower is STUNNING!!! xxx

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Thank you for the lovely comments x

-- Helen Ward, Amelie's Kitchen

That flower is stunning and unique!!!!! I’d love to learn how to make it. You should think of doing a tutorial and selling it on Facebook. I’d love to learn it- it is very unique!!!!

I will definitely try and perfect it an put up a tutorial, thank you!

-- Helen Ward, Amelie's Kitchen

So gorgeous and dainty! Such a beautiful flower!

-- Tatiana,

This is so beautiful!! what cutters did you use (hope you dont mind me asking). x

-- Minel, Leicester,