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Chateau de Challain

A wedding cake created for a Russian couple marrying in France with a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding. Approximately 1 metre wide, designed to replicate the wedding venue, with a request that the ground floor windows lit up at night. I kept the landscaping simple to show off the details on the building.

I think making this cake took a good few years off my life!

Actual photo of the chateau attached.
Cake photos c/o Neil Redfern

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wedding cake building chateau lights france


Delicia Designs

Oh my! This is incredible work! Absolutely amazing!

Beth Mottershead

Thanks so much! It actually drives me slightly mad looking at the photos as all I see are flaws and things I would do differently. C’est la vie though, I think that is the nature of cakes in general :) xx



Antonella Di Maria

stunning work!


Are you kidding me? This is a cake???? WOW, it is absolutely GREAT!!! What are you talking about, flaws… This is incredible ;-)

Amanda’s Little Cake Boutique

God!! That’s absolutely amazing! Well done!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Wow, Wow, WOW!! This is one of the most incredible cakes I have ever seen. I can’t imagine all of the work that must have gone into creating it! Your eye for detail is amazing!! I see no flaws, only the work of awesome cake artist!!


Wow! Flaws? Are you kidding?!? All I can see is an AMAZING cake!!!!!

Ann-Marie Youngblood


Beth Mottershead

Thank you so much everyone, you are all so kind and supportive!

This cake took me 10 solid days of dawn til way beyond dusk so I have analyzed it in minute detail, over and over again, as you can imagine! I then had two stressful days of waiting to hear that it made it safely from the North west of England to the middle of France for the wedding (the chateau staff came to collect it).

Thanks so much for your awesome comments! xx

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

STUNNING!!! What a talented lady you are!!! I understand you so well…we are never satisfied, we always think that we could do better. I know that feeling…But you did an AMAZING job!!! Congratulations!!! xxx

Symphony in Sugar

This a amazing !!!

Tea Party Cakes

Extraordinary!!! Your cake is incredible!


Wow! What a cake!!
Oh to have Clients like yours haha!

Elite Sweet Cakes

that’s absolutely stunning, excellent details

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Chateau de Challain