Omega Seamaster Watch Cake

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I could not be happier with how this turned out :)

-- Christine, Symphony in Sugar, HTTP://

I had to look at this one twice….so realistic x

-- karen,Gwynedd

Thankyou were really proud of it :) x

-- Christine, Symphony in Sugar, HTTP://

…and you should be! Looks amazing! xoxo

-- Nina, Make Pretty Cakes, New Zealand,

This is really amazing…Well done!!!!! xxx

-- Verusca Walker

Fantastic!!….Had my husband thinking it was real.

-- Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,

And so you should be, it is brilliant!

-- Melanie,

I honestly thought that was real – amazing work.

Thankyou so much everyone we’ve wanted a his to go with our hers pandora cake, looks like we’ve found it :) x

-- Christine, Symphony in Sugar, HTTP://

This is stunning….looks so real!

-- Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

Well yeah! That is flippin’ fantastic! love it!

-- Shawna McGreevy, McGreevy Cakes,