lion king

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the super talented Peggy over at peggy does cake for allowing me to use her design for this cake, all credit must go to her xx

-- hayley, http://www.hayleyelizabethcakedesign.com



Calli Creations

That is Africa!!! wow, that is a fabulous cake.. well done Hayley!!

Michal Bulla

Very nice ;)


so cute

Peggy Does Cake

Aw I missed this the day you posted it. You did a great job!! Thank you for the kind shout out, but I disagree about all credit going to me. You made it and of all the copies I’ve seen (and there have been a LOT), this just might be my favorite. And I love that you changed it up enough to make it your own. Really nice job, Hayley!

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lion king