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Fondant shoe by Verusca Walker

-- Verusca Walker

How do I add more photos to this same page ?? I have step by step how to make the shoe and would like to add here. ;) Thank you

-- Verusca Walker

Your heels are amazing Verusca. I love the jimmy choo one in particular. Totally gorgeous cake.
After you have finished uploading your first pic you just then go and upload another one you can upload a total of 6 pics but you have to wait till the previous one has finished uploading before you start the next. Well thats how i do it :-)

-- Tina, Australia,

Verusca → When you are adding pictures, there are two buttons – “Choose File” and “Upload This Picture”

Click on the Choose File → select picture from your computer → click on Upload This Picture

Use this process to upload up to 6 pictures. You will see the thumbnails when uploaded.

I hope this helps.

-- -- Michal, | My Facebook:

Love the shoes. They are fantastic

You make the most amazing cakes.. I’m a lover of shoes, so I’m in love with this cake.. :-)

-- Kenni, Middletown, NY

You know i love this one Verusca – fab class! :) xx

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia