Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

This was my first attempt at making a “real” from scratch gingerbread house. It was a lot of fun and also a learning experience. It took 2 weeks of working 12+ hour days to finish it. I actually made over 1700 little gingerbread shingles to go on the roof… I was seeing little brown squares for days! LOL I entered it into a local contest. If you’d like to vote for it (I could really use your votes!!!!) you can go to my blog and find out how. Thanks so much!!!

Judy, Utah,


OMG!! This is really Gorgeous!!! Beautiful job!!! Hope you win!!! Good luck!! xx

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WOW! That is freaking AMAZING! Great job!

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Thanks everyone! The gingerbread house was auctioned off and the $ went to a local homeless shelter. So it was all for a good cause! You can vote for it until Wednesday, Dec. 5th.

Judy, Utah,

oh WOW…. that is incredible… love the intricate attention to perfect detail… what a worthy cause too… well done… whoever gets this cake is going to be over the moon!! and the funding for the Homeless Shelter will be so grateful to you xxx

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Love the lights! Love the purple swag curtain hehe. Your attention to detail is amazing. This is incredible. A true labor of love if ever I’ve seen one!