Azenhas De Mar & Gruta de Benagil- Portugal sugar Wonders collaboration

Cookies by Joss
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This project is a combination of 2 natural wonders from Portugal, i picked Azenhas do mar & Gruta de Benagil as inspiration. The entire base is made of cookie, hand painted & airbrush details, i also used Modelling chocolate for the houses, and moss. The waves, and houses details are made with royal icing, and the water is Isomalt ❤️

I discovered a lot of new techniques that i can’t wait to share in my future classes!

I’m super happy to share this project with the sugar craft community, i really hope you like it!

-- Cookies! By Joss

This is simply incredible, Joss and one of my favorite pieces!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Absolutely amazing❤️ Details are so incredible!!😍

-- sugar voyager


-- Torty Zeiko

Thank you everyone for the comments ☺️

-- Cookies! By Joss