Enchanted Prince Cake

Nana Rose Cake
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This character was inspired by the stories of the Arabian Nights international Collaboration which I hosted …hope you like it ❤

-- Nermeen Sayed

Very beautiful

-- DolceFlo

He is magnificent!!!

-- The Garden Baker

Thank you so so much ❤️ 💗

-- Nermeen Sayed

He is fabulous, beautiful sculpting! I am blown away by the muscles and his pants!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley


-- Mis dulces tentaciones

Awesome work !!!

-- Monika- MOLI Cakes

Thank you so so much for all your kindly comments…❤❤❤❤

-- Nermeen Sayed

oh.. love it

-- The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Amazing as usual…incredible

-- Koki cakes