Cake Angel by Marisa Kemp
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Portugal Wonders in Sugar Collaboration

This piece is a 9” tall sugar figure on a 4” cake. My inspiration was
taken from a little girl from Viana do Castelo, dressed in one of the Minho
traditional dresses.
I love the details on her costume and all her jewelery and accessories, nice to be able to add some royal icing to this modelling piece.
It was an honour to take part on this collaboration and be able to celebrate Portugal’s Day.

-- Cake Angel by Marisa Kemp

She is simply stunning, Marisa! Your RI details are brilliant!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley


-- veroc

The level of detail is amazing!

So beautiful❤️

-- sugar voyager

So beautiful

-- Anka

Love this piece!!

-- Cornucopia Cakes & Cupcakes


-- Torty Zeiko


-- Cláud' Art Sugar

Beautifully done

She is amazing and love her vests

-- The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Gorgeous work! Such amazing details!!

-- The Garden Baker