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Wave Ruffle Wedding Cake


This cake makes me happy that I still get the opportunity to learn and try new styles , I rarely get chance to sit and do a cake these days but when my dear friends daughter asked if id make her wedding cake I was thrilled.

This was my first attempt at the ‘wave ruffle’ technique and once I’d worked out that the key was not to be too ‘uniform’ about cutting each ribbon of fondant it became easier, I personally find it harder to create a more natural random effect so I loved the opportunity to tackle something new and using my pasta maker saved so much time !!!!!

Made for a beautiful couple who wanted a natural floral look, they are also extremely keen ‘Gamers’, hence the X box controllers on the rear of the cake and the GAME OVER sign they supplied and asked to be incorporated.

Purple is the colour of their beloved football team, I loved experimenting with these shades and flowers, they are by no means technically correct but the overall effect worked out to reflect the couples softer nature & their sense of modern day fun.

-- CakesBycurly

Beautiful cake! Such a lovely design!

-- The Garden Baker

Love the flowers x

-- Essentially Cakes - Christine Jones

Thank you for your kind comments, they are very much appreciated 💕

-- CakesBycurly

Fabulous work!!!

-- Elena


-- Benny's cakes