I have a love of cake decorating which started by making cakes for my children, friends and family over the years. Last year I decided to book in for decorating lessons at a local cake shop as I was intrigued as to how you could possibly make something as delicate as flowers !!!
I think my love of pottery and art from my school days and my new found knowledge from the classes have given me a wider range of ways to express myself.
I lost my dear Mum last year and to be able to divert my thinking into something I know would make her proud was certainly a wonderful driving force. My Mum painted with oils and won many awards in shows for her work, although I don't have her artistic abilities in painting at all I think I do get my creative ways from her. I entered my first show last year in her honor with my Circus cake which has been the catalyst really for 'Cakes By Curly' so it will always be very special to me... I feel there is a part of us both in that cake.
I did have hopes of perhaps running a business from home and did actually try my best to start that up but life throws its curve balls and have decided for now at least that just developing and enjoying what I love is enough.
The world of cake decorating has opened up to me thanks to sites such as Cakes Decor so I thank them so much for allowing me to share my journey and enabling me to follow others.

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I would love some guidance on how to make your Europe 21st birthday cake. Love it.