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1 wedding 5 cakes!

This was definitely my biggest wedding yet – one wedding and FIVE cakes – 4 × 3 tiers and 1 double barrel cake. My nerves! But I did it. I spent weeks making all the flowers and many hours doing research on the different techniques (thanks to the lovely Angela Morrison for her inspiration for this order). The most stressful part of this wedding was the actual set up. From uneven tables, to setting up in a glass conservatory with NO aircon and temperatures inside of up to 32 degrees. Stress levels were at 110% but thankfully I found a fan and had that aiming at the cakes. In addition to these cakes, I also delivered 350 dipped strawberries and 170 macarons (also strawberry shaped and flavoured). This order was definitely the highlight of my past 7 years of my cake journey!

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They are all beautiful.

Thank you Goreti!

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Beautiful display!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Wowee!! Editor’s choice – thank you!! What an honor! :-)

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Such stunning cakes!!!! Don’t know where you’re located, but must be Covid free!!!! No weddings here in 🇨🇦 where I’m located. Max 5 people meeting outside…

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So beautiful

-- Anka