Sinhalese New Year - A Tribute to Sri Lanka

Sinhalese New Year - A Tribute to Sri Lanka

This was my contribution to the A Tribute to Sri Lanka collaboration.
I was inspired by several colourful Sinhalese New Year pictures, with the sun, flowers and birds. I created a gravity defying cake representing a stylized sun, contoured with a branch of flowers where the leaves were made to resemble like a kind of ornamented cornucopias.
The girl has a lotus flower (the Sri Lankan national flower) in one of her hands and a Koha bird associated to the New Year.
Finally, I made an isomalt lotus flower which holds a candle inside.
Loved creating this piece and all its details. Hope you like it too.

Elisabete Caseiro, Portugal,



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Mis dulces tentaciones

Gorgeous piece, Elisabete! Love the colors and beautiful modeling!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley