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Nutella the pygmy rabbit

She’s Nutella, the lion-headed pygmy rabbit, not by the way the new family member, sculpted from Saracino Pasta Scultura. This is how you go when you ask your child what kind of cake she want for her birthday. The request was much more complicated, I simplified it to finish within 2 days.


So cute!

-- Benny's cakes

Thanks Benny’s Cakes.


He is awesome! Beautiful sculpting!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thanks, Sandra.


Awe! Love the bunny💞

Aranyos :)

-- Mely

Mesmerizing, beautiful little rabbit, dear Agnes 😍😍😍
And Happy birthday to your child ❤️

-- Clara

Thanks Clara.


Beautiful ❤️

-- Astrologer,Cake Artist & Trainer,Dr RB. Sudha

Very nice cake :-)

Ah, that’s so cute! 😍