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King Charles Ist bust-The Royal challenge

“CHARLES I” For my project I have chosen to make a 38cm bust of King Charles Ist. Charles I was King of England, King of Scotland, and King of Ireland from 27 March 1625 until his execution in 1649. He left a very important legacy on England. As a result of Charles’ religious, military, and government actions, England was forced to remove almost all of the power given to the monarchy and transfer it to the parliament. England became a much more democratic nation. To make the bust structure, I’ve used a plastic scull and the body is out of rice chrispies and marshmallows. The whole exhibit is made out of #saracino products.

-- Zlatina Lewis

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golosamente by linda

Beautiful ❤❤❤

AppoBli Belinda Lucidi



congratulations 🎉Amazing 👌👏❤❤❤

Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte

Fantastic work my friend

Gabriela Doroghy

Amazing work!!! ❤

Franko Muñoz

Hermoso <3

Radha Dhaka

Lovely work💖



Raquel García

Perfecttttt work my dear!!!!!Thank you very much for participating! It’s an honor to have you back on the team!

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

wonderful work Zlatina

Un Cupcake, l'Addition !

So cool !!!

Korontini Evangelia


Felis Toporascu


Asya Vencheva

Fantastic work!

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King Charles Ist bust-The Royal challenge