Volto della guerra

Volto della guerra
Volto della guerra Volto della guerra Volto della guerra

My contribution to “Italian Sugar Dream collaboration”. It was a real honor to be part of this collaboration. https://www.facebook.com/italiansugardreamcollaboration/

THE PIECE: EN -The work from which I took inspiration is Face of War by Salvador Dali. A strong and dramatic image that struck me above all for its meaning.
The face in the foreground represents the mask of death on an empty
desert landscape up to the horizon. The only living presences are the
worms-reptiles that come out threatening but find nothing to pounce
on. The orbits and the mouth are occupied by skulls, which contain
other skulls, which let us guess that what we see is only one of the
infinite faces of war. The distressing perspective of the figure indicates
the infinite multiplication of the evil caused by the war.

Cesare, Italia, https://www.facebook.com/SugarFactoryCesare