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Pharaohs Tomb

Hi Guys
This is my contribution to this amazing collaboration along with Cathy Hill we created the base of the sarcophagus and the mummy.
Pop over to see the other amazing creations

-- Paul of Happy Occasions Cakes

tutankhamen sarcophagus mummy egypt 3d cake collaboration cake


Dragons and Daffodils Cakes

Absolutely fantastic collaboration

Congratulations! So excited to be part of it

The Crafty Kitchen - Sarah Garland

Wow! Just incredible.

Francesca's Cakes

Absolutely amazing ❤️❤️

Sweet Dreams by Heba

I love this :) x

sCrumbtious Kakes

Such a great collab, I loved seeing it up close on Saturday well done to everyone involved.



Sandra Smiley

This is an incredible display!

Alex of Alexandra's Fine Cakes

This is amazing!

Kathy of West End Cakes

Amazing collab. The sarcophagus was huge! The mummy was scary, but very realistic. Absolutely loved being part of all this xx

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Wow…an amazing display…

Konstantina - K & D's Sweet Creations

Wow, it’s really amazing!

Aimee Gane-Pretty Scrumptious Cakes

Outstanding Paul, loved being a part of this colab! Xx



Olina Wolfs

Amazing! 😃


Amazing, I was so happy to be a part of this collaboration x

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Pharaohs Tomb