Kathy of West End Cakes
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I am a home-based cake maker in Barry, South Wales and started my cake decorating journey about 25 years ago during a spell of unemployment. Local evening classes developed a keen interest in all aspects of cake decorating and sugarcraft. My hobby meant that family and very close friends got free cakes for their birthdays so that I could practice new skills on them (no-one complained)! My hobby grew into a small business in 2014 and West End Cakes was born.

I particularly love creating highly personalised designs with detailed models of people, animals and, occasionally, vehicles. When I get a request for a cake, my favourite words are "Can you make ...?"
as I enjoy a challenge and really love it when a customer puts their faith in me.

The wonderful thing about sugarcraft is its versatility and, with trends always changing, there is always something new to learn. I try to book onto a course each year to learn a new skill that I can apply to my cakes.

-- Kathy Hinton