Lady Godiva -Dali'in sugar

Lady Godiva -Dali'in sugar

Name: Stefania Sanna
Business Name: Torte decorated by Stefy
Location: Tuscany, Italy

Instagram: stefania.sanna.73
Cakes Decor:

Hello my name is Stefania Torte decorated by Stefy, cake designer for passion and work for more ’than five years, I currently live in Tuscany, Italy, where I work, I have a child. I love making cakes in particular I love to model.

About my Piece:
My inspiration is a sculpture by Salvador Dali representing Lady Godiva, an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman, wife of Count Leofrico of Coventry (England).
According to legend, she rode naked through the streets of Coventry to obtain the suppression of a further tribute imposed by her husband on his subjects. Dalí, the great surrealist master, has chosen the image of Lady Godiva as one of his favorites, and pays tribute to her sensual and curvy female form through the conception of this sculpture. Announcing her arrival, the butterflies not only wander around her and her noble steed, but also adorn her body as she plays her trumpet. Lady Godiva embodies the earthly beauty, while the butterflies represent the ethereal world outside. Made with iron structure and aluminum foil, modeled in Model Saracino pasta, painted with Rolkem gold color.

torte decorate di stefy