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Dali in Sugar collab - Alice in Wonderland

Hello everyone,
Here’s my version of “Alice in Wonderland by Dalí” for Dali in Sugar international sugarart collaboration organized by Betysugarland – Cake Design by Elisabete Caseiro to tribute for 30th anniversary of Salvador Dalí’s death. My inspiration was from
“Down the Rabbit Hole”, One of the illustrations in Alice in Wonderland, 1969 (the 4th pic). I handpainted with edible colors and made a surreal cricket on top.🦗 Hope you like it!! 😊. Thank you for looking💕
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-- sugar voyager

edible colours wafer paper piping gel rolled fondant floral wire brushes scissors dali in sugar salvador dali alice in wonderland rabbit cricket international sugarart collaboration hand painted tribute 30th anniversary


Novel-T Cakes

Love this 😁


Precioso trabajo!!!😍😍😍

Aurelia's Cake

Stunning piece😍😍😍

MOLI Cakes

Fantastic !!!

CreativeExplo ( Sharon Siriwardena)

Beautiful ❤️

My Sweet World_Elena


Gabriela Doroghy

Amazing!!! Love it 😍

Sweet Dreams by Heba

It looks beautiful :) x



sugar voyager

Thank you so much Tanya, Sonia, Elisabete, Aurelia, Monica, Sharon, Elena, Gabriela, Heba & Ankara for your very kind words❤️

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

So very beautiful…

Iria Jordan

Stunning cake!


Amazing piece of art

Sandra Smiley

This is gorgeous!! Love, love the painting on the cake, Kyoko! Great piece!

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Dali in Sugar collab - Alice in Wonderland