Hobbit Hole

Hobbit Hole
Hobbit Hole Hobbit Hole Hobbit Hole Hobbit Hole

Hi guys! This was for my eldest son, Aidan, he turned 20 at the end of last month! He’s a huge LOTR fan, I think he’s got 3 LOTR tattoos now!
This is Frodos hobbit hole in the shire, Gandalf has just turned up to whisk him off on his adventure!
All choc fudge cake with dark choc ganache filling, Aidans fave. He lives in Chester now at Uni studying journalism and creative writing, and has done for the last 2 years, we really miss him, I text and speak to him nearly every day. He’s only been home 3 times this year!
He was very surprised with his cake because I usually only make him a small chocolate cake. We saw him for a few hours, then he was back off to Uni again with a bag full of cake!!!!!…..we are so proud of him!

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