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Five nights at Freddy's

Hi everyone. I haven’t posted anything here In such a really really long time. We did up our house so my kitchen was out of action for the last year and got married in the middle of it all so only getting back to cakes now. This cake was made for Jayden ….I’ve been making his birthday cakes since his very first birthday 😍😍 just a nice little reminder that I’m getting old😀 I had never even heard of this game before now and it looks so scary😬 How do kids even play this?? Hope you like it😀😀

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June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Really cute…

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

My kids have played this Elaine, but they’re getting older now, I thought it looked a bit scary too! Great job on the cake though and congrats on the wedding xx


So funny and so cute!

Elaine Boyle....bakemehappy.ie

Thank u so much Christine….thanks so much for your lovely message. Back to reality now😀

Elaine Boyle....bakemehappy.ie

Thanks everyone 😍😍




Very cute



Calli Creations

Love this design

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Five nights at Freddy's