#collabinpairs Let´s Dream Together - Little Prince

#collabinpairs Let´s Dream Together - Little Prince
#collabinpairs Let´s Dream Together - Little Prince #collabinpairs Let´s Dream Together - Little Prince

Heba Elalfy – Sweet Dreams by Heba (U.S.A.) Catalina Anghel – Catalina Anghel azúcar’arte (Spain) We’re proud to participate in this collaboration, hosted by Rosa Guerra (Tartas Oh by Rosa, on Facebook); where cake artists from around the world collaborate in pairs to create one masterpiece. Catalina chose this storybook (originally titled Le Petit Prince; which happens to be the most translated book in the French language) because it was the FIRST story that she ever read by herself when she was a small child, and she’s loved it ever since then. So we agreed that Catalina would create the planet where the prince lived and the red rose. I would create the little prince himself. Our masterpiece depicts a strange planet with some volcanoes on which a beautiful single red rose blooms, nobody knows from where her seed came. Every morning, the little prince would fill his sprinkling-can with fresh water and tend to this beautiful rose so that she wouldn’t die (if you’d like to read the entire story, please copy and paste this link and enjoy : http://www.hilpro.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Pequeno-Pri%CC%81ncipe-Ingle%CC%82s.pdf) This planet was a wonderful chocolate sponge cake with white chocolate ganache, and the rose was made with sugar-paste. The little prince was done onto a delicious chocolate sugar cookie that was decorated with Royal Icing using various techniques to create volume and depth.


Catalina Anghel