Jules Verne’s Ephemeral Museum Collab - « The School of Robinsons »

Jules Verne’s Ephemeral Museum Collab - « The School of Robinsons »
Jules Verne’s Ephemeral Museum Collab - « The School of Robinsons »

On April 20th, 14 Cake Artists presented at Sugar/Expogato Cake Design fair in Paris a collaboration they – almost – kept secret for months: “Jules Verne’s Ephemeral Museum”

The team includes the finest Cake Artists from France and Switzerland:
3 Cake Masters Magazine TOP 10 ARTISTS FRANCE 2018;
1 ARTIST OF THE MONTH APRIL 2018 Global Sugar Artists Network;
4 Cake Masters Magazine TOP 10 ARTISTS FRANCE 2017;
3 Cake Design CEZ’ARTS 2017;
3 Judges in National Cake Design Competitions;
1 Cake Design and Modelling book author;
Countless Awards in France, Spain, the UK and USA.

Each Cake Artist had to choose a novel in Jules Verne’s Bibliography and make an original and personal sugarcraft to represent it. Very important : only one artist per novel as the aim was not only at recreating Jules Verne’s most well-known books such as “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” or “Around the World in Eighty Days” but also at (re)discovering less famous literature such as “Master Zacharius”, “The Carpathian Castle” or “Adventures of the Rat Family".

The team coordinated everything through a private Facebook group to get the collaboration all the way to Paris and expose in the Sugar / Expogato cake design fair. The exposition received a wonderful feedback from the visitors and everybody agreed the fair’s most beautiful and intricate sugarcrafts could be found in “Jules Verne’s Ephemeral Museum”.

I am presenting to you today my contribution to this wonderful project: The Robinsons School.

I wanted to represent the excerpt from the book Where the Boat “dream” capsize in the open sea with the 2 heroes Godfrey and Tartelett in search of an island. I used several techniques of cake design: Plastic chocolate, modeling, buttercream, isomalt, gravity cake…

Claire DS Créations


Merci pour ce voyage ! Ta pièce est sublime !

Safir Mebani - SingulierS

superbe pièce !

natasel - follow my work on Facebook !

Great piece

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Magnifique, juste sublime !


Risky, very risky ! But perfectly executed. I absolutely love it !

Sébastien - France - Un Cupcake l'Addition ! - www.uncupcakeladdition.fr

sublime comme toujours :-)

Gourmandises et Blabla