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TRACER from Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm Blizzard videogames.

The former Overwatch agent known as Tracer is a time-jumping adventurer and an irrepressible force for good. She hails from London and has traveled all over the world.
Lena Oxton (call sign: “Tracer”) was the youngest person ever inducted into Overwatch’s experimental flight program. During its first flight, the aircraft’s teleportation matrix malfunctioned, and it disappeared. Lena was presumed dead. She reappeared months later, but her ordeal had greatly changed her: her molecules had been desynchronized from the flow of time. A scientist designed the chronal accelerator, a device capable of keeping Tracer anchored in the present and to control her own time.

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Pamela Jane

So cool!


Super, perfect job!

Danielle Lechuga

Wow! Perfect in every way! Down to her shoes!

Felis Toporascu

Wow… wonderful!!.. Perfect!

Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

Stunning!!! love all of her!

Torte decorate di Stefy by Stefania Sanna

Perfezione pazzesca <3

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Amazing love the details!

golosamente by linda

La amooo😍😍😍😍😍

Adelina Baicu Cake Artist

Mamma mia che spettacolo, i dettagli sono davvero straordinari!!! Sei unica e inimitabile, Elena 👏❤️❤️

Sandra Smiley

Beautiful work!

Jenny Kennedy Jenny's Haute Cakes

Fabulous work!



Erandeny Cuevas

Beautiful work

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Tracer - Cake Con International