Danielle Lechuga


Danielle Lechuga

May 2013 404 El Mirage AZ

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Hi This is gorgeous!. Do you mind if I ask what mould you used for the bird?

Danielle Lechuga

Hi Claire, I’m sorry I just now saw your message, I’m assuming your talking about the bird on the birdcage cake? I used isomalt, I made a mold of a glass bird I found at Michaels and then poured the isomalt into it till it cooled :)


Lovely work you do! so here’s another follower!!

Danielle Lechuga

Thank you!

Jacqui's Cupcakes & Cakes

Amazing x another follower x

Danielle Lechuga

Thank you Jacqui :)

il mondo di ielle

Hi Danielle! Lovely works!

Danielle Lechuga

Thank you il mondo di ielle! I admire your work, you Italians got it going on with the sculpting!