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Cake International Birmingham 2016 HEART OF VIANA FILIGREE - Gold Medal

Hi lovely people!!
It’s been a long time… who would have imagined that my life would be swallowed up by cakes!!
Well, this year I had to slow down… I even got a flu!! Lol
As I have some free time (finally) I came to see how is everybody… Hope you are all well and creating some amazing pieces.
I have so much to share that I really don’t know where to start… here are some oldies ones… that I truly love from 2016.

Cake International Birmingham 2016 HEART OF VIANA FILIGREE – Gold Medal International Class (This piece took me around 80 hours to do, each single curl was done individually with sugar paste)
The filigree is a metalworking technique very typical of Portuguese goldsmithery. The first pieces found in Portugal made with this technique date back to 2500-2000 BC. The Portuguese creations are known for their quality, guaranteed by the materials and techniques used. The delicate use of very thin wire results in unique objects that give the illusion of broidery in gold and silver, unlike any other because it’s handmade. This thorough technique is very unique and was incorporated into the rich heritage of Portuguese goldsmithery for the representation of motives related to national history and culture, such as the Hearts of Viana. The Hearts of Viana have religious origins and are related with the devotion to the Sacred Heart, where the heart was a symbol of live, love and fraternity. Hearts of Viana are part of the Portuguese identity…
Hope you like it!! <3

Ana Remígio

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WOW, fantastic, love it! Congratulations

Sweet Boutique Ani





One of my favorites of yours Ana!


What an amazing piece!


Fantastic work!

My Sweet World_Elena

Amazing work!!!

The Garden Baker

What an amazing piece! So very beautiful!!

MOLI Cakes

Wow !!! Amazing piece !!!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Brilliant piece…


Stunning! Congrats!


Amazing Ana!

Raquel García

Woooowww love it!!!


Breathtaking!!! Congrats!!😍😍😍✨✨✨✨✨

Bryan Salazar


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Cake International Birmingham 2016 HEART OF VIANA FILIGREE - Gold Medal