(almost) 50 Cakes of Grey - Androgyny

(almost) 50 Cakes of Grey - Androgyny
(almost) 50 Cakes of Grey - Androgyny (almost) 50 Cakes of Grey - Androgyny (almost) 50 Cakes of Grey - Androgyny

Participating in cake collaborations is my own version of an ‘artistic respite’ from the customary routine of whipping up vibrant and colorful kiddy cakes. For this piece, I decided to have a go with the minimalist and contemporary direction. Crummbcakes, Dont Tell Charles and Jasmine Rae Cakes inspired me to explore this approach. I figured, nothing beats the sleek and refined concrete look!

The process is quite simple. After marbling, I used a scrunched up foil to create some textures and rubbed potato starch into the crevices to get the look that I envisioned. I also added some black sesame seed for extra color and added texture. The centerpiece, a single rustic looking magnolia, symbolizes femininity, softened the overall look of the cake. Its strategic placement is intended to draw attention to its sophisticated, elegant beauty and flawlessly balance the modern, angular detailing with a feminine touch.

Although not a popular design concept where I’m from, I decided to showcase this marble edible artwork to demonstrate that there are a world of opportunities to enjoy minimalist cakes be it a contemporary bride’s dessert of choice, a simple but striking birthday confection or a modern themed cake made for a corporate or private function.

Check out the entire collection at http://www.facebook.com/aroundtheworldinsugar