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Michelle Donnelly

I have been creating bespoke cakes for just under 3 years now. I am based in Greater Manchester or say, Little Hulton, Salford)where I run my business Shellbake from home.
I first became interested in cakes when I was off work with a torn knee ligament, this was a very difficult time in my life until I discovered cake making.
Prompted by a friend who needed a cake for her son’s birthday, I began Googling them and that is where my addiction began. I asked my mum to show me how to make a simple Victoria sponge which I then spent hours decorating in a vibrant black and pink zebra print design. From then on cakes have been my life.
The inspiration for my entry for World Cancer Day has been family and friends who have bravely fought or are fighting cancer. I would particularly like to dedicate my piece to my Aunty Lyn who was an amazing lady, also my best friend’s father Ian Bradshaw who is happily now in remission, and lastly my amazing Nanna who is just starting on her fight with breast cancer.
I have used the colours green, purple and pink in my cake to represent the three types of cancer awareness ribbons.


-- Shellbake

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