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I’m not at all rebellious by nature but today I’m being a bit naughty… Back in early April I was delighted (after checking it wasn’t a bogus email) to be approached by Cake Central.com inviting me to submit a design for their magazine! As Cake Central Magazine features some big names in the cake world it was a bit of a pinch-myself moment for my work to be potentially featured alongside.

In early May Cake Central notified me that my cake had reached the final selection process (yay!) and that Volume 8 Issue 3 was due out in May. We’re now almost knocking on the door of October and neither Issue 3 nor any others have been published since April.

So my photos remained eligible for Cake Central Magazine I held off posting them anywhere. However, as I spent soooo much time on this design (even making the table runner) and invested in professional photography, and given it’s quite a summery cake, I’d like it to see the light of day before balmy summer days are a distant memory.

So, rather than wait indefinitely for it to maybe appear in a magazine that may or may not be published, I posted it on instagram and fb last week and am sharing it here now!

Meet ‘Olive’… If you’d like to read about the design process and see (lots!) more images it’s all on my blog! http://www.amandaearlcakes.com/moroccan-inspired-wedding-cake/ . Beautiful 📸 www.amandamanbyphotography.co.uk



It’s a stunning cake Amanda, totally worthy of any cake magazine. Very disappointing you’ve not been given the courtesy of an answer, very unprofessional.
I was asked by CC to submit a cake, but they only gave me 6 wks lead time. I’m only a hobby baker certainly not in your league. I’m also very busy retired lady involved with grandkids and other pursuits. I didn’t like the fact that after all the work and expense..ie: pro photography, not cheap, there was only a possibility my cake might be published. And I spoke to other cakey friends who had the same thing happen as you posted. So I’m glad I never said yes.

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Huge congratulations on your beautful creation and feature in Cakes Central!! Very worthy design !!

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Thanks June – I had about 3 weeks lead time (they approached me at the end of the first week in April with a deadline near the end of April) but I had to fit it in around weddings and the pro photographer’s schedule so had to do it all in a week to 10 days – some very long days indeed! I accepted that there was no guarantee my work would be featured but to not even publish the Issue after requesting submissions seems very odd indeed. Thanks for your lovely words! xxx

Calli, thanks for your congratulations – to clarify – they have, to date, not actually published the Issue so not sure if I was going to be included or not. x


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments – I appreciate them very much. x