Johnphibius @Under The Sea Sugar Art Collaboration

Daily Top 3 - Aug 21, 2017

All aboard this underwater adventure! The Under The Sea Sugar Art Collaboration is a fun and exciting mixture of the real and the fantastical world under the oceans. Our team of international sugar artists will not disappoint as they deliver incredible show stopping works of art…edible art! Really, EDIBLE art!
Please take the time to visit the page, watch the video and all the pieces at:

Thank you Jennifer Kennedy O’friel for the invitation and to put all this together <3

Many of you have probably heard of mythical and mysterious creatures like mermaids, nymphs, newts, sea-witches and others… But where do they live? Do they really exist? And if they do, what do they look like: humans or fish?
Johnphibius is an amphibious man who lives in turquoise blue waters full of corals and which can be seen on full moon nights calling by the mermaids!

Photos by João Pimentel
Made with:
Cerart modelling tools
Cerart brushes
Saracino modelling chocolate
Saracino modelling paste
Satin Ice fondant
Magic Colours airbrush metallic colours

Supplies: rkt satin ice fondant saracino modelling paste saracino modelling chocolate magic colours

Tools: cerart modelling tools cerart brushes airbrush

Tags: bust bust cake sculpted cake sculpted sculpture fantasy sea blue airbrush model collaboration collaboration cake

Pepper Posh


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CakeHeaven by Marlene ...

Wow amazing piece

Pepper Posh - Carla Rodrigues ...

Thanks so much Marlene! <3

lameladiAurora ...

He looks real!!! Very great job…👏👏

Pepper Posh - Carla Rodrigues ...

Grazie Francesca <3

Aurelia's Cake ...

Fantastic creation 😍

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres ...

So beautiful, love your creations!

SonhusCakes ...


MaryH ...

Super cool!

Pepper Posh - Carla Rodrigues ...

Thank you Aurelia, Marta, SonhusCakes and Mary <3

Ornella Marchal ...

I love your work 💝

Ditsan ...


Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald) ...

Beautiful! Your colouring is fabulous ❤

Sweet Side of Cakes by Khamphet ...

Awesomeness x



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Johnphibius @Under The Sea Sugar Art Collaboration