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Tori's Mahi-Mahi Cake

This is my 800th cake I have posted to Cakes Decor since 2011. It’s hard to believe, 800 cakes! At first, this cake was very difficult to wrap my head around. Mom said her daughter loved Mahi-Mahi (dolphin fish) and unicorns and originally wanted a Mahi that looked like a unicorn. I encouraged mom to pick one thing, (thinking it would be the unicorn) and she went with the Mahi.
I knew I could sculpt the fish, I’ve done them before, but I didn’t know how to make it look proper for a teenage girl.
Sometimes, these things aren’t planned, they just evolve and that’s what happened to this cake. I knew I wanted to do Ombre waves. I had already put quite a bit of time in the sculpting and painting of the fish,(the painting alone took over an hour, working layer after layer of food gels to get the right effect) I really didn’t want to wrap 9000 fondant strips around the cake for the ombre waves, so I figured I would just take the easy way out (for me) and do the ‘waves’ in American buttercream.
Then, I needed something to transition between the waves and the fish or it would just like a fish jammed in a cake. I remembered seeing how to make droplets on a Craftsy tutorial. (I love Craftsy!)
I felt like I had passed a final exam after I finished this cake.

-- Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.

floral wire & tape fondant tylose powder pearl luster dust tappits plauque cutter wilton black pearls mahi mahi cake mahi cake dolphin fish cake mahi cake topper


Sandra Smiley

It is simply awesome! I am facinated with your buttercream waves! I can’t pipe at all!




Looks awesome!



jen lofthouse


Antonia Lazarova



so lovely

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Tori's Mahi-Mahi Cake