Wannabe My 90's Lover

Wannabe My 90's Lover
Wannabe My 90's Lover Wannabe My 90's Lover Wannabe My 90's Lover Wannabe My 90's Lover

We wished to test a new spectacular technique: a fluorescent cake!!

We chose an original, constructed format of two rectangles and a square, to propose an unusual composition. It was then necessary to us to find ideas representing this decade and we choose a huge graffiti on a wall of bricks, surrounded with a couple dressed in 90’s fashion.

For the central graffiti, it was necessary for us to look at a lot of tutorials to know the techniques of graphics application packages, then we have it at first hand-drawn, before redrawing it on computer. The sentence " Wannabe My 90’s Lover" Make clearly reference to the key title of Spice Girls. We decomposed the graffiti into several thicknesses, then we used our new fluorescent food coloring Rolkem and use it different ways (painting ,airbrush, powdering).

For both protagonists, it was necessary to us to realize several stencils, coupled with the airbrush, to make a clean picture.

Finally, to make dirty a little this too clean wall, we used the airbrush and the black ink to texture the bottom, then, by means of a toothbrush, we ended by throwing(planning) fluorescent drops(gouts) almost everywhere on the cake.

Thanks to the black light, the cake taken all its dimension with its brightness of glittering lights, offering a new magic vision to cakes.

A technically difficult cake, but one of the most spectacular cake that we realized until now.

Sébastien & JonathanCAKE RÉVOL

CAKE RÉVOL, https://www.facebook.com/CAKEREVOL