Happy Birthday Toe You - Gluten free cake for a Chiropodist

Happy Birthday Toe You - Gluten free cake for a Chiropodist

Nick’s girlfriend Emma had a Birthday this weekend and he wanted to surprise her with a cake.
She’s a Chiropodist, so that was the theme and I had a bit of fun playing with the wording.

Emma eats Gluten free, but Nick wanted a cake that both Emma and everyone else could eat too so I made her an all Gluten free cake from a recipe I know is nice and moist and hard to believe it’s gluten free.
A vanilla Madeira cake filled with vanilla buttercream and seedless raspberry jam.
I know it went down well with everyone because Nick’s just messaged me to say everyone loved the cake and Emma said it was the best she’d had!!- praise indeed!

I love it so much when I get good feedback, it makes it all so much more rewarding.
Especially when you know trying to eat with everyone else is a struggle if your gluten intolerant.




Fun cake..

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

ool cake, Karen and I agree about the feedback 💖


ohh makes me want to scratch lol!

Sarah x

Thanks everyone xxxxxx
I know what you mean Sarah xx
Good job haven’t got a foot phobia…haha
We don’t often hear about the cakes once they’ve been collected Clara, so it’s brilliant when you have a customer who’ll take the time to come back to say when they’ve been appreciated not just for their design but also their taste too.