Meet Sonia the Warrior!

Meet Sonia the Warrior!
Meet Sonia the Warrior! Meet Sonia the Warrior! Meet Sonia the Warrior! Meet Sonia the Warrior!

My piece that I made for the Sugar Myths and Fantasies: Global Edition Collaboration
Jennifer Lynn
CAKE by Jennifer Riley, Cake Artist
Location is in: Thunder Bay, Ontario

About me:
CAKE! is owned and operated by Jennifer Riley in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Circumstance forced Jennifer to change careers and as a result, she discovered her passion for baking, sculpting, and design. Jennifer opened her doors in 2013 and has since been featured in blogs and magazines, including August’s issue of Cake Masters Magazine (2016) and the November issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine (2016). Featured on as one of the Top Ten Cake Artists in the World, Jennifer has set herself apart with her technical style and whimsical designs as a world-class contender in the International cake scene.

About my piece:
Sonia the Warrior: Initially intended as a project of self-reflection of the struggles and challenges of being a successful cake artist, Sonia the Warrior emerged as character fit to lead an army. From her confidence exuding face to her commanding posture, Sonia is the embodiment of a soldier ready for battle. She reminds us that even those from the humblest of beginnings are capable of being a champion and winning whatever battle we may encounter. Part mythical, part fantasy, part realism, Sonia captures the imagination with the layers of composition in the fabric of her design and the painstaking attention to detail from her feet to the crown made of the skulls of her enemies.
Sonia is 3 feet Tall and is completely Edible
A HUGE thank you to Mike Johnston for taking these photos. – MikeJohnston Photography

CAKE! by Jennifer Riley


Wonderful piece, Jennifer! Great modeling!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley


Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Amazing! Great modelling!

Anka -

just love the textures and her stance!! indeed a warrior!!! Pinned here!!

Life is too sweet to be bitter