oh oh oh..... My Santa is coming to you!

oh oh oh..... My Santa is coming to you!

Dear Friends!

This cookie might be the last one I’ll post here this year. I’ll have a break of 2 weeks, it’s time to fly to USA for some family gathering and meeting the last new member into the family, a 5 month baby boy that I hadn’t meet yet. So… no cookies for a while but I’ll come here to enjoy your creations, like and comment them.
May I wish you Happy Holiday Season! Merry Christmas! and all the best for 2017.
May you find peace and love throughout the Season that can fulfil yourself and turn it “contagious” to others.
I don’t know personally most of you but I can feel you inner you, each one of you are a Dear friend and without you, I wouldn’t be here writing and Thank you for all the love and support you have been giving me day by day.
ALL THE BEST. With Love, Marta Torres

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres


Oh Marta each and everyone of your pieces is always a pleasure to watch here in Cakesdecor and so is this last one for the 2016. I want to wish you too love and happiness for the year to come and have the best holidays with your family. Merry Christmas 🎄💖😊


He is gorgeous Marta. I have loved seeing your work this year and look forward to next years. Have a lovely Christmas xx


Dear Marta, this is absolutely the most christmassy of your cookies😍
I wish you back all the best for this Holidays Season.
Take care and have a wonderful time with your family. See you soon 😘